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Plantopia Easy Fill Hanging Basket - 14 inch From £5.45


Easy fill hanging basket with side panels by Plantopia - 14 inch

Our frost resistant Easy Fill hanging baskets are great for winter pansies!

Ideal for amateur and pro gardeners these recycled baskets make ideal Christmas presents.

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Easy Fill Hanging Basket 12 inch - FROM £4.50


Easy fill hanging basket with side panels by Plantopia - 12 inch

The baby brother to our 14 inch easy fill hanging basket.

Filled with trailers like Surfinias these baskets can still be huge and great for the health of your plants!

buy plantopia easy fill wall basket

Plantopia Easy Fill Wall Baskets JUST £6.33


Easy fill wall basket by Plantopia
NEW! Our easy fill hanging baskets are now available as a wall basket...

Customers who have bought our plantopia 12 and 14 inch easy fill baskets will love the wall mountable version...

buy a plantopia easy fill wall basket

Puma wind up torch


The PowerPlus Puma packs a lot of punch for its size.

A powerful 0.5 watt LED makes it one of the brightest mini wind-ups available...


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Customer's Baskets
2013.03.12 15:06:54

June Jex's easy fill hanging basketWe thought our customers would appreciate these amazing images sent in by one of our happy customers. Here's what June had to say about her easy fill baskets...

I hope you remember me from Shrewsbury Flower Show, I have now bought 6 of your globbehuggers baskets and love them. They really do help give a fantastic display of flowers. Neighbors all ask how I manage to get such a display and show them your baskets and I have now been asked if I will do their baskets when they buy globehugger baskets.June Jex's easy fill wall basket

Unfortunately by the time I took the photos my baskets where  not at their best, as the wind and dry has taken its toll but they still look reasonably good. Sorry it has taken me so long to get around to sending them you, I might have to send them over a couple of emails, would you please be so kind if you plan to use them on your website to credit me with the copyright.

I hope you will be coming to the flower show in Shrewsbury next year?

Anyway thank you for a wonderful product it certainly has made it easier to have good hanging basket displays.

kind regards

Mrs June Jex


All images are copyright June Jex 2012June Jex's easy fill hanging display

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